Planned Parenthood

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How does 100+ year old institution go ‘digital’ for the future?


The newly formed PPFA Digital Products Lab was born to develop products for the future, a future centered on delivering care in digital world. At the forefront of that initiative, and speaking directly to a younger more digitally empowered generation, is Spot On - A Period Tracker and Birth Control App.

Our challenge as Activation Partners was to find the most effective way to launch this product to market, driving 1 Million downloads in Year 1, while balancing that goal with reaching those people who need it the most - a fundamental promise rooted in the heart of PPFA that supports female and reproductive rights of all people irrespective of access to healthcare.

And to boot, our endeavor with our friends and strategy partners at BBMG and Moderne meant also developing what will ultimately become the roadmap for product development and roll out for the Digital Product Labs future product suite.



Employing a myriad of disciplines such as consumer research, target media discovery, development of a kick-ass creative campaign and a strategic multi-channel media plan across paid, owned and earned - we continued to proudly watch as this product built momentum and took the App Marketplace by storm with over 1 Million downloads and counting, a feature in the iTunes and Google Play store, celebrity endorsements by the likes of Rachel Bloom and PR coverage by Teen Vogue & Refinery 29.

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With 3 killer core components - that's how;


1) Making the big idea culturally relevant - By marrying the consumer’s natural online behaviors in the digital space, particularly social media, the campaign hook was born in partnership with our friends at BBMG with the personification of the ‘Period’. Consumers were encouraged to “Follow Their Period” via our app, playing on relatable social norms like “You Follow Your Ex’s New Girlfriend on Facebook, but You Don’t Follow Your Period?”

2) We meticulously planned where, when and how to reach our target - In planning our complex (but not complicated!) media approach, we identified 3 core audiences we needed to reach and convert to achieve our juxtaposing goals of downloads vs. hardest to reach consumers.

3) By leveraging the channels most relatable to each target - we would create a sphere of influence from which to employ several varied channel tactics which included large digital buys, paid social, nationwide grassroots college campus tour, health center posters + palm cards, email marketing, premium partnerships with partners like Refinery 29, Wattpad and Teen Vogue and SMS



We tested, measured and optimized... again and again - understanding the only way to access the validity of the channel plan and effectiveness of our marketing dollars was to test, learn, tweak and apply changes by channel AND tactic.

For example, in the social space, we have refined our media audience subsets isolating our best performing categories and demoting our least performance driving creative to highest performance creative for CPI and Engagement, resulting in CPI's significantly lower than industry average rates of $3-$4/CPIs throughout the campaign flight. In addition, as we move out of the launch phase, we are restructuring our channel emphasis to reallocate time and resource against tactics with higher dividends.


Through an intersection of great partners & collaboration, strategic thinking, powerful creative, targeted paid media and the deployment of real-time monitoring and analytics, this campaign surpassed our goal of 1 Million downloads and is continuing to deliver below average CPI’s– despite increased competition in the apps marketplace. Other core successes include;

Avg Paid Channel CPI significantly below industry avg. $3-$4/CPI

Millions of traditional/digital Impressions

Over 1 Million Downloads

Thousands of Social Media Engagements and counting


"WonderINgroup are a pleasure to work with, and extremely effective and efficient at the work that they do. As a client, we continually face changing circumstances, and the work that we need from external vendors reflects that. It is challenging to find a partner who is willing to come along for the ride in every capacity, catering to tough deadlines and ambitious goals. Every step of the way, WonderInGroup has kept our work on course -- keeping projects under budget, ensuring we're reaching our intended audiences, and maximizing opportunities on all channels (paid, owned, and earned). They are smart, dedicated, and flexible -- amazing qualities for not just a media buyer but a partner in the work we do to reach people who need Planned Parenthood."
- Marketing Strategist, Digital Product Lab, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.