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How do you create buzz and positive action for a New National Event with minimum $$?


An Award Winning TV Network had a vision; to celebrate and promote their very own African Community achievements and successes via the 1st ever Awards Ceremony. Purposefully not constructed to celebrate celebrity achievements, but instead to honor everyday people. As Activation Partners, our challenge was - how do we reach everyday people to get awareness, nominees and participation in the awards ceremony, in a way that gets them excited; all without utilizing celebrity or an exhaustive media budget?



We would set out to prove that by identifying ‘real people’ and non-celebrity pillars of the African American Community, and through construction of an emotional hook, we would empower digital influencers to promote our 1st ever Awards Ceremony to the very people who matter the most. All without paying for media coverage.


We manually identified and categorized over 80 digital & real life influencers based on a mix of client criteria, our own inherent network reach and pop culture. We selected the most relevant for our purposes and began 1 on 1 personal media relations outreach. We knew the key to uptake success would be creating an emotional hook, so we made a real effort to incite passion and commitment to the cause through a myriad of strategies, tailored toward the individual not the campaign.

These included:

Communicating a vision for a better world & pride in our heritage
Sharing a simple & relevant message - pre-written for ease and levity
Sustaining personal 1 on 1 communications across the full 6-week period
Giving opportunity to those influencers to be a part of the nomination and judging panels
Rewarding via digital social currency with back-linking to authoritative sites like the Network itself
Kudos for being the first


Our approach may seem obvious, but with the advent of technology driven and automated influencer platforms, efficacy through impersonalization of such services has seen a serious decline in CTR and more quality uptake from overall media impressions. For us, going about this with such a delicate balance of real world value exchanges and real peer to peer human contact was by far the only way to reach and convert the people these very awards were meant to speak to/for. And for the client, the investment in time and effort to accomplish the results we did, were not significant in comparison to the other promotional channels tested in the mix. In fact our tactical approach generated more qualified conversions overall, resulting in the following successes:


With the expectation of securing at a minimum 3-4 organic social media posts among a hyper-targeted audience, WonderINgroup surpassed goal by 575%. A peer to peer chain reaction was started and the campaign was a client success, resulting in some awesome winners in this year's 1st ever awards.

+575% organic social media posts above goal

1 million impressions

754 unique engagements

8 Premium Partnerships established