City Recovery of America

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How do you become a legitimate authority in a highly unregulated industry?


City Recovery of America recently decided to rebrand themselves under a new entity name and company structure. Formally Serenity Recovery, our client wanted to continue to be the premier provider of luxury Sober Living facilities, but also move toward a more regulated clinical model. Our client would become a pioneer in co-clinical space and in turn set the new standard for post rehab sober living services. It was our challenge as marketing specialists to recreate the consumer facing brand that would reflect their legitimate authority in this competitive and unregulated space.

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We drew on competitive insights to identify and own a unique position in market; a position that would make us stand out in a sea of same but also position us in a more premium and approachable way, irrespective if you are the patient or the loved one. To do this we had to overcome 2 major myths:

1. that rehabilitation was all love, hugs and laughter with campfires and horseback riding
2. that rehabilitation could not happen in comfort in the city where you live, work, eat, play.

Instead, rehab is real, it's hard, and you can not remove yourself from reality to recover because you’ll never maintain sobriety when you re-assimilate. Expectations need to be set from the word go. Ultimately, we wanted to create and promote “Recovery In Real Life”.

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  1. By understanding our core target and the families affected by this disease and the challenges they face daily, we relaunched the rebrand, creating a new lead generation website, social properties and marketing materials with new visuals and impactful messaging centered on the more honest approach of “Recovery In Real Life”.
  2. We developed and now execute a cohesive Paid, Owned and Earned marketing plan. We use SEO, Google Ads (PPC) and Social Channels to drive awareness for the new rebrand, as well as help drive leads and an increase in bookings across their sober living properties.
  3. We are also working diligently to align our new brand & message with premium contextual content on the web. Utilizing industry leaders, recovering addicts and reputable news sources and producing a video series based on recovery in real life, we have a video seeding strategy that will elevate the status of our new rebrand in an engaging and meaningful way.


After increasing leads by over 400%, the facility is now nearly booked to capacity across all their NYC properties. Based on the combined success of the new clinical model, marketing awareness and lead generation efforts, we are now in the midst of planning the roll out of several new properties in new cities including Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Week over week continued increase in site visits and leads +400% aggregate

Nearly 100% beds across all properties booked

New website went from page 80+ to page 1 in Organic Google Search in less than 8 weeks

Domain Authority for the new site went from 0 to 24+ in less than 2 months.

“In two decades of working with Public Relations and branding, working with WonderINgroup has been the best experience I’ve ever had working with any media agency. As the owner of my own PR firm, and having been responsible for overseeing dozens of website builds, SEO and social media campaigns, I am most blown away by how clearly and quickly they produced amazing results while still coming in on budget and below competitors bids. They always respond with smart ideas and a “we got this” attitude, and they aren’t afraid of working more than they agreed to get the results I wanted. My only criteria for giving them this quote was that they always take my calls, even when they inevitably outgrow my business.” - Valerie Blondell, EAGALA, Director of Communications, City Recovery of America