2016 International Sporting Event

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How do you make a traditionally polarizing sporting event feel inviting to the multicultural segment?


One of the largest National Sports Associations in the US was increasingly concerned with an overall decline in ticket sales in their annual Tournament Event for 2016 relative to the same period last year. With a significant investment in the stadium infrastructure, this year needed to be a marquee year for attendance.

As Pre Activation Partners for our agency client, our challenge was to inform a strategic and creative position and tactical marketing plan for the hardest to reach AfAm and Hispanic audience that would:

1. Get them aware and excited for the 2016 Tournament

2. Get bums in seats!



Take an insight centered around “inclusion” and “exclusive” vs.“excluded” and show the consumer what it’s really like to be all “in” with your crew at the Tournament this year. Not just with the match, but the food, the style, the parties, the networking. Then marry this with a rich media strategy extending the message via fashion, food, and business verticals, and channels like LinkedIn over Facebook. Driving bums on seats through a rally cry for consumers to ‘get in now’ or miss all that the Tournament had to offer.


Leveraging what we learned about the consumer’s online/offline behaviors, we developed a full TTL paid, owned and earned campaign plan to execute in market under the three unique overarching creative concepts.


For 2006, our approach to paid and owned media channels was very focused on test and learn to identify the proper channels, segments and types of creative that would connect with our audiences in driving the desired action. Ultimately this “test and learn” year would guide us in delivering high-level insights pertaining to the 2016 Tournament media channel tactics and recommendations on what we would optimize going into the 2017 Tournament season.

The Campaign is still active. Results will be shared soon.